In the afternoon, Design Innovation Group will guide you through a creative pressure cooker. In three parallel sessions, you dive into a relevant trend. During the session you explore what this trend could mean for the AirCargo industry and how this could set the innovation agenda for the sector. Expect an hands-on workshop with actionable results.

Design Innovation Group (DIG)
DIG uses creative intelligence to accelerate and improve transformations in organisations and society. They are experienced facilitators who use their strategic insight, creative mindset and positive energy to come to actionable innovation strategies.

Marieke Rietbergen
Founder and CEO
At DIG, Marieke is always looking for what is hot. Her competences and variety of experience in many sectors and with many leaders within society make her the ideal connector between knowledge, people and perspectives.

Floor Govers
Sr. Design researcher
Floor is a creative strategist. She easily energises a whole group of people to come to creative results. And with her experience in a wide range of industries she can always inspire the ones surrounding her with wonderful examples and insights.

Geert van der Linden
Sr. Strategic designer
Geert is an innovation strategist and designer with a focus for meaningful change. With an infinite amount of enthusiasm and positivism he helps people to awaken their creative mind. And easily translates ideas to strong strategies.

Session 1: Ultimate Transparency 

How could the air cargo value chain profit from ultimate tranparency?

Session 2: Ultimate Flexibility

What could ultimate flexibility mean for the people in the air cargo value chain?

Session 3: Ultimate modularity

What could ultimate decentralization mean for relations in the air cargo value chain?